Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secret Snuggle

Look what I found when I woke up the other day!

Talk about a heartwarming moment!

I love this photo, not only because it captures sisterly love, but because Nora is totally sneaking some snuggle time and getting away with it. Dana is not a morning person. If she knew Nora were trying to cuddle up to her, she would be screeching at her and swatting her away. Don't get me wrong - Dana is very loving and, after she wakes up a bit, she loves to dole out hugs. But she would never stand for this particular situation if she weren't fast asleep. And Nora is such a snuggler that she is always aiming for this scenario. I love that she won!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday Drive

On Saturday, we took a little drive to check out a campground we want to visit this summer. Since we had never been there before, we wanted to see what it was like before making reservations.

Who doesn't love climbing on a nice, sturdy gate?

The campground is really lovely, with a river running right through it. Tons of hiking trails, lots of opportunities for bicycle riding, plenty of geocaches. No highway noise. In a state park. Sign us up!

We grabbed some ice cream to enjoy in the car afterward. Nora got strawberry.

Dana got cotton candy. Which was good, since it was the same color as her shirt. No amount of wet wipes could touch this mess!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Oh, how time flies! I have been meaning to update here for well over a month.

Things have been a little nuts here. I was knitting like mad for Ravelympics. My arm is not my friend (read the Ravelympics link). I volunteered to be cookie mom for Nora's Brownie troop, which has been more work than I anticipated. My computer crashed. Great Grandma had a major health scare. Both girls are taking gymnastics, but on different nights. PTA has kept me hopping. Plus all of the normal stuff. Phew!

I will post stuff from the last 6 weeks in the next few days. I promise. For now, enjoy these photos of a picnic Dana put together this afternoon.

She did all of this herself. She brought out the blanket, arranged it on the lawn, hauled out all sorts of food and plates. She was so proud of herself!

I love how she just lounges about, not a care in the world.

And I love how she just throws back her head and laughs. She is thrilled that spring is here! And so are we!