Monday, October 26, 2009


I just uploaded photos from the camera and found a few cute everyday photos.

Here's Nora waiting for the bus on Hat Day at school. Slipper Day is coming soon...

So much time is spent coloring lately. Usually, Nora staples a bunch of paper together and they make books. This day, they dug out coloring books to shake things up a bit.

And Duplos. They never seem to lose their charm. This day they were building mazes, which was pretty fun to watch.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adventures in the City (Cities)

We got up early on Saturday and drove to Minneapolis/St. Paul for the day.

We visited the Science Museum of Minnesota:

Daddy is helping Dana move the dinosaur's jaw. It's hard work!

Then we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum:

We made our way to the Mall of America to visit Nickelodeon Universe:

The whole family enjoyed the Dora ferris wheel.

We also visited the American Girl store at the MoA, and walked out only $16 lighter. Not bad! Nora got glasses for her doll, Elizabeth, and Dana got a bath set for her Bitty Baby, Dizzy. Let me point out that Dana named her doll herself.

We ended our fun with dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's. The food was...well, if you can't say something nice... The girls had so much fun in the arcade though. SO much fun! They are still talking about it! Of course, the memory card was full and the batteries dead by then, so no photos.

It sure was a fun day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dana's First Day of Preschool

Dana started preschool on Wednesday!

She was so excited to start school! She was up and dressed by 8am, despite the fact that school doesn't start until almost noon.

Standing in front of the classroom, waiting to go in. We got there a wee bit early and the teachers were not quite ready for us.

Posing in front of her cubby.

In the car with a snack!

Dana loves school! The paint is always out, there are lots of kids her age to play with, and there's even a turtle.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow

Nora was the first one up this morning. She was halfway down the stairs when I heard her frantically yelling, "MOM! COME LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!"

I figured there were some deer under the porch roof or something. I did not expect to see white!

She got on all of her winter gear, grabbed a bowl, and went outside to collect snow.

And when Dana woke up a little while later, she put on her winter gear, too, and grabbed a bowl, too, and went outside, too.

I was very happy that I had the foresight to figure out snow pants and parkas a few weeks ago. I wasn't as fast with boots, but Nora was good in her galoshes and Dana squeezed her feet into last year's boots (with a lot of help and wrangling). I will be measuring feet as soon as they come in.

Now, I realize most of us Minnesota folk are not thrilled with snow on October 10. But I have to admit I am OK with it. The kids will be happy to play outside again (fall is so iffy around here), and I feel all cozy, with my banana bread in the oven and my coffee next to me. And really, once it's cold, does it matter if there is snow or not?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


On Saturday, we went to a gymnastics birthday party for Josie. This time, I brought my camera.

There was an inflatable castle, but only one child was allowed at a time. Here, they are waiting in line. And friends, you can't stage this kind of love. Nora and Dana are becoming such good friends.

This rope goes all the way up to the ceiling, which is 2 stories tall. All of the party guests wanted to climb to the top and toot the horn that was attached to a pipe on the ceiling, but nobody could get any higher than this.

Except for Nora.

She could make it all the way up. But she was shy about it and didn't want anyone to notice, so she wouldn't toot the horn. And I was too busy holding the rope steady to take a photo. But I sure was impressed!

Nora jumping on the trampoline. Uncle Sam and Aunt Lizzie have a trampoline in their yard and Nora can do awesome flips and bounces. Unfortunately, flips aren't allowed here, so she just worked on bouncing as high as she could.

Ben, Josie's cousin, and Dana work on trampoline moves.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nora has something to show you


Nora pulled out her first loose tooth last night!

She's been wiggling it for about a week, and last night she climbed out of bed, went into the bathroom and pulled it out.

She turned on the water so she could wash off the blood before showing it to us, and (you see where this is going) it fell down the drain.

Luckily, Daddy has plumbing skills and he was able to take apart the drain and retrieve the prized first tooth. Phew!

She spent some time like this, checking out her new look.

Here she is showing off her tooth fairy bag.

We went to the fabric store on Saturday to pick out something for a tooth fairy pillow. Nora loved this kitty fabric!

Unfortunately, when we got home I realized I don't have any fiberfill, so I made a little bag instead of a pillow. But I did applique a pink tooth onto the bag.

Nora woke up this morning and found her baby tooth gone and $5.00 in its place! Apparently the tooth fairy has deep pockets!