Monday, March 14, 2011

Checking In

Well hello!

I have managed to survive the first eight weeks of school and am FINALLY on spring break! WOOHOO!

I am not going to lie-school is a lot. Kevin has been taking the girls out on the town every Saturday so I can have a quiet house to do homework in. And I still don't usually finish everything for the week, even if I work for 12 hours on Saturdays. It is maddening!

The girls fight over who gets to hold Elsa first every. single. morning.

Last week was extra fun, as I had 3 tests, 2 papers, and a project due. The project was a naked egg drop. As frightening as that sounds, it just means that we had to drop a naked egg from the roof of the planetarium onto a catching device that we created. The catching device could not be more than 5cm tall (which is about 2 inches), and the total drop distance was 7 meters.

I was in a group with Chelsea and Kelsy. I just like to tell people that because it really exemplifies what it's like to be 33 and in freshman level classes. Chelsea and Kelsy are both sweet girls, and oddly enough, they are both studying to be speech therapists and will be in my fall sequences. I am not sure how that happened in a physics class with 100 people in it. Anyhow, Chelsea and Kelsy and I decided to use a heavily-frosted cake as a landing pad.

Here's Chelsea holding the cake.

Just kidding. That's Dana. But Chelsea is 18 and I feel like 18 and 5 are a heck of a lot closer together than 18 and 33. Seriously-Chelsea has a sibling the same age as my baby. Meaning me and her mom are close in age.

Bet you can see where our egg hit!

It totally worked and our egg survived the fall without breaking. Which was a relief, considering the group before us used Jell-o as a landing device and their egg bounced off and split into two symmetrical egg pieces. They did not get their points.

We also got to write a paper about all of the physics at work during the egg drop project, things like acceleration and kinetic energy and momentum.

I have exciting plans to do our taxes over spring break. Also-studying for two tests I have to take the day I get back from break. You know what they say-girls just wanna have fun.

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