Monday, March 5, 2012

In Like a Lion...

After a long winter with nearly no snow, this is what has happened in the last week:

Anyone up for a nice barbecue?   

Can you tell how they feel about all of the snow?
This was around noon on Saturday. The plow didn't go by for a few more hours.
My angel making a snow angel in the road.
My other angel coming in for dry clothes and hot cocoa.
This was the craziest week! The snow started in the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, and we all got a snow day due to the blizzard conditions. Yay! It snowed and snowed all day long, and the girls got another snow day on Thursday, though I still had class. We got around a foot of heavy, wet snow, which took Kevin about 3 hours to blow out of the driveway. 

We woke up Saturday morning to find fresh snow on the ground, with more coming down. Over the course of the weekend, we got another 16 or so inches at our house! At least it was light and fluffy this time. Oddly enough, it is supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow. Funny how the weather is this time of year.

We took advantage of being snowed in by watching the first two Harry Potter movies together, which was pretty awesome. We're hoping to watch part 3 this weekend, but we could do without another storm, thank you. 

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