Monday, September 22, 2008



So most people who know me know I have sort of a thing for cupcakes. It isn't so much that I like to eat them, though I do. I just really like to decorate them. And it isn't that I am super good at it, either. But with cupcakes, you have 24 chances to get it right.

Today Dana was missing Nora, who doesn't get home until after 4:00, and I was trying to distract and hopefully cheer her up with a project. She wanted to make cupcakes! Big surprise-both girls would eat frosting three meals a day if I would allow it, which I would not. Since it is fall, we were inspired by pumpkins, as you can see. The cupcakes are white with cute orange and white orange flavored sprinkles baked into the batter. We flavored the frosting with orange extract to complete the effect. I am not sure 24 tries was enough for the curly frondy things, but they were fun to make even if they are not perfect. If only someone would pay me to design cupcakes. That would be my dream job...

At the risk of coming off as arrogant, isn't this so cute? Don't you want to just eat it up? I actually have not tried one yet and it has been about 8 hours since I baked them. Do I feel a fever coming on or something?

Nora wasted no time sampling a mini pumpkin. She also snuck in and stole one of my icing bags, squirting the leftover brown directly onto her tongue. Gross!

Dana has such a satisfied look on her face. This is exactly what she wanted today. My only regret is that I didn't have Halloween or fall cupcake liners. These have dinosaurs on them. But I am OK with that. It doesn't ruin the effect.

Sorry to post about food half of the time. I love to bake and, well, if I'm not cooking a meal, I am cleaning up from one or planning the next.

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