Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh am I glad today is Friday. I SO need the weekend!

So below is a photo of Nora's very first spelling test. It is not the best image, but I tried. I hope you can see her cute little handwriting. And I am going to take this moment to point out that she got all ten words right! We are so proud! I am also going to point out that this is the first test she has ever taken. The got assessed in kindergarten but it was never anything like this. She is really growing up-I was wondering when spelling tests were going to start!

Today was not the best day of my life. My morning began when the alarm clock rang at 7:30 and I crept out of bed, careful not to disturb my three loves snuggled up in the bed. Everyone starts each night in her own bed and ends up with Mama and Daddy sometime before 7:30am. We are good with that for now. We still all sort of fit in the king sized bed.

So anyhow, I went downstairs, pulled out Nora's lunchbox, and stood in the kitchen trying to decide whether to make coffee first or Nora's lunch first. See, this is the first time I left the lunch making until morning, so I wasn't sure what my priority should be. Making lunch first was probably the more responsible thing to do, but there was the chance I would make a peanut butter and Cheerio sandwich in my half asleep stupor. I actually once made that for my dad's lunch when I was in grade school, so it wasn't such a stretch.

So there I am just standing there-really-and all of a sudden my back starts to feel weird. So I walk around a bit, thinking about the coffee or lunch dilemma, and my back starts to hurt. I head towards the couch to sit down and my back starts to spasm. Badly. It is the worst pain I have felt, short of child birth, and it was very scary. I could take about 1/3 of a breath, the pain was so intense. In my hoarse 1/3 of a voice, I called for Kevin, who sprang out of bed and RAN down the stairs, with the girls close behind him. He helped me to the couch and helped me sit down, which took more than five minutes. And then he brought me two Aleve, put them in my mouth for me, and tipped some water in there to wash them down because I could not lift my arms without crying. I sat on the couch until 9am, and after Kevin made Nora's lunch, fed the girls cold cereal and got Nora on the bus, he helped me lean forward so he could rub my back with this stuff his physical therapist gave him. It smells sort of like menthol and sort of like citrus. That helped a lot. Really. Eventually I was able to stand up, and I forced Kevin to go to a consulting gig he had and then I coerced Dana upstairs to my room, where I laid flat on my back on top of a heating pad for two hours while she watched Scooby Doo on the portable DVD player and got yogurt pretzels all over my Garnet Hill sheets. She was so sweet-as I was trying to lay down, tears streaming down my face, she kept telling me, "Breathe, Mama, breathe!" The kid is three and she effectively coached me through that terrible pain. Amazing! And after two hours, she started crying because she wanted chocolate and grape juice, so I had to slow-mo myself upright and go downstairs to feed her. I will point out here that I made tomato soup with noodles, not chocolate and grape juice.

So Kevin had plans tonight that I did not want him to cancel. He is the best. He asked my dad to pick up the little ladies and watch them until he got home. So my awesome dad came over, got Dana into pants, socks and shoes (she spent the day lounging in a t-shirt and undies) and brought the girls on a woods walk and then to his house for dinner. I have the best family in the whole world.

Anyhow, no fun photos as my house is pretty much upside down. At 7pm I managed to wash the spilled breakfast cereal off the table, but now my back is cramping up again. So I am heading back upstairs to lay prone on my heating pad. I took two more Aleve and have high hopes that tomorrow I will be in better shape. It was absolutely gorgeous out today and I missed it because my crazy back did this for absolutely no reason. I swear I wasn't even moving-I was just standing in the kitchen. Just standing, minding my own business.

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