Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Attempt at Ice Skating

Nora had the past week off of school for winter break. On Tuesday, we piled on our winter wear and headed to Bayfront Park to the ice rink. It was warm out, and we were excited to be outside after the crazy weather we have been experiencing.

Nora has been skating more than any of us this year. She has gone with Brownies, with friends, and with me and Dana.

Dana is getting pretty good on the ice, too. She splits her time between skating and playing in the snowbanks. This is the second year she has worn this wild snowsuit. Nora wore it for a year, too. Next winter, she will be in snow pants and a parka like a big kid. That makes me a wee bit sad.

Tuesday was pretty sunny out, and as the girls skated, they eventually got near the middle of the rink, where they discovered about two inches of water! I was not about to be the one to destroy the city rink, so we called it a day and headed to the London Road Car Wash to get an oil change and car wash. We needed both desperately.

This was their first time at an oil change place with lifts. They were fascinated! Spellbound! In awe! It was pretty cute. They couldn't get enough of the experience, which was good, since it took about half an hour. After the oil change, they stood and watched the car come through the wash. Which was also fascinating. I wish I had known they would love this experience. It's the only chore they have ever found so enjoyable. I could have been spending our fun time getting the oil changed and car washed, if only I had known.

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