Saturday, February 7, 2009

That Nora

On Thursday morning, I woke up as usual and went into the bathroom. I just about had a heart attack when I saw Dana asleep on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet. I tried to take her into her room, but she told me she wanted to sleep on the floor. She was adamant, so I just sort of walked out, figuring I would give her a couple minutes to come to her senses. She soon came downstairs and sat at the table to eat her oatmeal. Which she promptly threw up. I realize this is not the best story ever. The good part is Nora. She was so concerned, which was incredibly sweet. Kevin brought Dana up to rinse her off in the tub, and Nora took the opportunity to write a note to Dana on the white board.

I just love her inventive spelling. And the drawings-she made me promise I would tell Dana that the one that looks like a flower is actually an alien. Dana is pretty fond of aliens. She speaks often of going into space to find aliens. She thinks they will be mean, but she is strong enough to take care of them. After she assures me of her strength, she generally makes a fist and shows me her muscles.

Luckily, that was the extent of the sickness. She had a sore stomach for a couple days, and some other issues (use your imagination because I will not elaborate), but she is all good now.

Friday was "I Love to Read" day for the first graders at school. Nora was told to bring a beach towel and a pillow to lounge on, and a stack of books to read and share with her buddies. She also had to bring her shoes, her take home folder and her lunch. Plus her normal getup of parka, snow pants, scarf, hat, mittens, boots. The poor kid could hardly walk down the driveway carrying so much fabric. The photo does not do it justice, but I am giving it a whirl anyway.

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