Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

On Saturday, we went to our friend Callie's annual Cinco de Mayo party. It was held at her dad's house, since he has plenty of space and the most amazing backyard.

The backyard is a fairly steep hill, which is very cool. This tire swing was a huge hit. Kids can propel themselves by climbing into the tire and walking up the hill. When they get as close to the top as they can, they just lift up their legs and fly! Keenan spent a lot of time pushing kids on the tire swing, which was even more fun. That kid is strong! Nora looks so gleeful here.

There are two giant dinosaur sculptures in the backyard. Callie's dad made them both. Here you can see Keenan and Dana climbing on one of them. The other is a t-rex.

I did not get a very good photo of the pinata, which is sad because it was spectacular! Callie outdoes herself every year. This year the pinata was a giant brown frog in a sombrero. The kids all took turns hitting it. At one point, Dana chose a baseball bat, spun around in a complete circle, and flung the bat into the garage. Not very effective, but pretty funny (since nobody was hurt and all). Eventually, Callie's sister Shawna broke the frog all the way open.

I love this shot of the kids gorging on their pinata treats. Keenan, Dana, Nora, and Josie snuggled into an oversized armchair to look through their treat bags.

Keenan and his creepy frog hand. There were many different kinds of frogs stuffed into the frog pinata.

Nora being silly with an inflatable cactus. See that fire in the background? Proof that May in Minnesota is not that warm.

Dana thought is was hysterical to sneak up behind people and put this ginormous sombrero on their heads. Here, my sister Alyx poses after being "hatted" by Dana.

I took a lot more photos, but this highlights our evening. We can hardly wait for next year! What will the pinata be? Will I come up with a more thematic cupcake flavor?

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