Friday, May 8, 2009

Really? More on Ears?

I just realized how long it has been since I posted here.

The thing is, I haven't felt that great for over a week now. And actually, neither has Dana.

On Saturday, Kevin took the girls for a daddy date. All day. He basically took them everywhere they wanted to go. They visited several playgrounds, the zoo, DQ. I wasn't feeling 100%, and it was awesome to have the whole day home alone. I used my time to sew.

Around 7:00, Dana was walking up the stairs at Grandma Bev and Grandpa Jerry's house and she grabbed her left ear and started screaming. She cried for over an hour, for the entire ride home and then some. When we finally calmed her down, we asked her some questions and decided that, with all of her ear issues, we were best going to the ER. Not that it was an emergency, per se, but they are the only doctors around on a Saturday night.

Of course, it was infected. And, after telling the ER doctor the whole ear saga, he told us to call the ENT on Monday morning to touch base. He also prescribed an antibiotic, which Dana found quite delicious.

We ended up going to the ENT on Tuesday. And once he ascertained that there was, indeed, fluid behind her ear drum, he told us to continue the drops he had prescribed two weeks ago for an additional two weeks. If, when he checks again in mid-May, her tube is still plugged, he wants to surgically remove it and replace it with a clean tube. Because clearly it is causing problems. And he thinks she still needs it after all. I am not going to rant here, but I do want to say that I have not been thrilled with the ENT visits. I guess I think he should spend more than three minutes looking at her, asking us questions, and READING HER CHART before deciding to perform surgery on my child.

Anyhoo, in the meantime, who else should come down with a double ear infection? And when I say "double ear infection" I do not mean two infected ears. I mean two infections in the same ear. That is just how I roll. The past five or six infections for me have been this way. So yeah, it's me. And let's just say that my body doesn't get along very well with antibiotics. I will spare you the details, but between the two infections and the side effects, I have not had the best week. Me and Dana have been extra grumpy and I have been feeling sorry for myself. The nurse practitioner who looked at me on Tuesday actually commented that she had never seen a middle ear infection in an adult. I loved hearing that.

So, with all of this, I haven't been taking many photos.

However, I found two that I took a couple of weeks ago. This one totally cracks me up. I was cutting up an apple for Nora and she asked if she could have the sticker. She peeled it off, skipped over to the table and crawled underneath it. I didn't pay much attention until she said, "It's OK that I have stickers under the table, isn't it?" And so I joined her under the table, where I was amazed to see a hundred different produce stickers on secret display! I had no idea! I can't believe she started this little tradition on her own and I never knew.

This is another funny one. Barbie and Smurfette are such an unlikely pair, aren't they? I love that Smurfette, who is supposed to be all tiny and miniature and stuff, absolutely dwarfs Barbie. Dana introduced these two friends and pushed them around in Barbie's convertible all day. I love that she made sure to put their seatbelts on.

In case that was a pretty lame post, I want to assure you that, while I am not completely healthy yet, I am well on the way there and am pretty much past the grumpy part. The side effects are not fun, but my ear no longer hurts. It itches and I can't hear that well, but the pain is all but gone. So I am pretty thrilled.

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