Friday, June 26, 2009

Super Girls!

My mother likes to go to garage sales. It is possible I have mentioned this before. Today she found a Super Girl costume for Nora! Nora was too busy heading to the pool to worry about a new costume, but boy does she love it! After they tubbed, she asked if she could sleep in it, and then she slipped it over head, adjusted the cape, and picked out a book.

After we were done reading, she asked me to go get the camera because she had some good ideas for poses.

If you click on this photo to enlarge it, it will look like Nora has a black eye. She does not. The red eye removal made her look like she had been out fighting crime when really she has been in reading bedtime stories.

Look how mighty they are! And I am lucky enough to live with them!

I find them in this pose a lot lately. It makes me so happy to watch their friendship develop.

Nora is growing up so quickly! At the end of last summer, we went school shopping and picked out everything pink, and she only wanted dresses. As the year progressed, she changed her favorite color to turquoise and would only wear jeans. Like e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y. We used to snuggle up on the bed and read books for half an hour every night. Lately, more often than not, Nora stays on her bed and reads chapter books to herself while Dana and I read picture books together. It is bittersweet, this growing up. I love that she is learning and becoming independent, but I do miss that little girl. So when Nora put on this costume and asked to sleep in it, all I could think was, "You sleep in it as many nights as you want. Just be my baby girl forever!"

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