Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

And so...did you party last night?

We sure did! Our night included a scavenger hunt prepared by Auntie Liz, some board games, coloring, lots of treats, and a dance party!

Here's the first clue...

Another clue...


And the treasure! Hidden in a board game-so clever!

Nora checks out her prize...

From left: Adrea, Taylor, Dana, Nora and Brooke enjoy their treasures.


Uncle Sam and Auntie Liz have a gigantic white board in the hall that is a lot of fun.

Even Diogi got in on the festivities.

Happy New Year!

Let's finish up with a quick video of the dance party in action! Because I may as well be in trouble with yet another family member for posting them on my blog.

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