Monday, August 31, 2009


Our friends came "home" for a visit the week of my birthday. What a treat!

Jessica made the trek with Sophie, who is 9 days younger than Dana, and Tommy, who is about to turn 2. We spent almost every day last week with them, getting as much time as possible together.

Dana, Sophie, Nora and Tommy head down the canal towards the lighthouse. Josie was there, too, but she was hanging with her mama, who also happens to be Sophie and Tommy's auntie.

We had dinner at my sister's house one night, and the kids attempted to pose for some photos. This is one of the best shots.

This is what most of the photos look like.

We tried to coerce some with the mamas and kids, but not everybody was up for it. It was getting rather late.

Our friends flew home to New Hampshire early Saturday morning, and we already miss them. Nora has told me every single day how much she wishes they lived here. She doesn't understand why anyone would bother living in New Hampshire.

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