Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girl Time

Yesterday I brought the girls to get their hair cut. Kim, the girl who cuts their hair, has a baby due next week and I figure this is their last chance for a cut for a while.

The reason this is all newsworthy is that it was the first time they had their hair washed at the salon, and oh, did they love it!

Nora was uneasy at first. She wasn't sure what it would feel like, and she doesn't particularly enjoy having her hair washed at home. However, if you see that smile on her face, you will know that she thought it was just fine.

Dana thought it tickled, so she switched between very serious and giggly. I never managed to catch "giggly" on film.

Nora just had a trim. Dana: I had Kim cut off quite a bit of length. Like inches.

Dana had beautiful, waist-length wavy hair that she absolutely hated to have brushed. She would spit nails at me whenever she saw me approaching with the hairbrush. And she has so MUCH hair! It is really fine so it tangles easily. The combination of really fine + really long + really thick was a recipe for disaster. So until she learns to brush her own hair, until I don't have to fight her twice a day, she's keeping it a more reasonable length. Which is pictured above.

Yes, it is still longish. The day I made the appointment, I was in the middle of a hairbrushing experience with her and I said, "Dana, should we get your hair cut shorter so we don't have to fight like this all the time?" And she said, "Yeah! Let's cut it short like Daddy's!" Which made my jaw drop. While I am tired of washing paint, oatmeal and yogurt out of her hair every night, I am not ready to shear her like a little lamb. Shoulder length should work better for us. And she still gets to wear ponies if she wants to. And I won't wish for a shot of hard liquor every time she gets out of the tub and again every morning when I am trying to detangle those unruly tresses.

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