Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow

Nora was the first one up this morning. She was halfway down the stairs when I heard her frantically yelling, "MOM! COME LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!"

I figured there were some deer under the porch roof or something. I did not expect to see white!

She got on all of her winter gear, grabbed a bowl, and went outside to collect snow.

And when Dana woke up a little while later, she put on her winter gear, too, and grabbed a bowl, too, and went outside, too.

I was very happy that I had the foresight to figure out snow pants and parkas a few weeks ago. I wasn't as fast with boots, but Nora was good in her galoshes and Dana squeezed her feet into last year's boots (with a lot of help and wrangling). I will be measuring feet as soon as they come in.

Now, I realize most of us Minnesota folk are not thrilled with snow on October 10. But I have to admit I am OK with it. The kids will be happy to play outside again (fall is so iffy around here), and I feel all cozy, with my banana bread in the oven and my coffee next to me. And really, once it's cold, does it matter if there is snow or not?

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