Sunday, October 4, 2009


On Saturday, we went to a gymnastics birthday party for Josie. This time, I brought my camera.

There was an inflatable castle, but only one child was allowed at a time. Here, they are waiting in line. And friends, you can't stage this kind of love. Nora and Dana are becoming such good friends.

This rope goes all the way up to the ceiling, which is 2 stories tall. All of the party guests wanted to climb to the top and toot the horn that was attached to a pipe on the ceiling, but nobody could get any higher than this.

Except for Nora.

She could make it all the way up. But she was shy about it and didn't want anyone to notice, so she wouldn't toot the horn. And I was too busy holding the rope steady to take a photo. But I sure was impressed!

Nora jumping on the trampoline. Uncle Sam and Aunt Lizzie have a trampoline in their yard and Nora can do awesome flips and bounces. Unfortunately, flips aren't allowed here, so she just worked on bouncing as high as she could.

Ben, Josie's cousin, and Dana work on trampoline moves.

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