Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nora has something to show you


Nora pulled out her first loose tooth last night!

She's been wiggling it for about a week, and last night she climbed out of bed, went into the bathroom and pulled it out.

She turned on the water so she could wash off the blood before showing it to us, and (you see where this is going) it fell down the drain.

Luckily, Daddy has plumbing skills and he was able to take apart the drain and retrieve the prized first tooth. Phew!

She spent some time like this, checking out her new look.

Here she is showing off her tooth fairy bag.

We went to the fabric store on Saturday to pick out something for a tooth fairy pillow. Nora loved this kitty fabric!

Unfortunately, when we got home I realized I don't have any fiberfill, so I made a little bag instead of a pillow. But I did applique a pink tooth onto the bag.

Nora woke up this morning and found her baby tooth gone and $5.00 in its place! Apparently the tooth fairy has deep pockets!

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