Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Programs

Oh, how I have tried to post video. Again and again I have tried, and it just isn't happening. So please enjoy these photos of holiday programs instead.

Dana's preschool program was absolutely adorable. These wee ones sang songs and did finger plays on stage in their classroom, and it was just so sweet! Dana loved being on stage, she loved hearing everyone clap for her (and her classmates), and she loved watching the audience watch her. We were so very proud of her! In this photo, she is doing a finger play about Santa popping out of a chimney-so cute!

Nora's holiday program was also amazing. Her class sang 3 songs. This song, as you can see, included snowflake props. See Nora there in the front row, way over on the right?

The other two songs included instruments and finger plays. It was all so lovely!

See those cute soldiers on the wall behind the stage? I helped hang those the night before. I was very happy none of them fell off the wall during the programs!

There is a morning program as well as an afternoon program, and the PTA provides treats for both. Between set-up and clean-up, I was there for the entire day, minus a 45-minute break for lunch. Dana took this photo of me, and it reflects perfectly how I felt by the end: blurry. But it was wonderful to be there and to be a part of it and I can't wait for next year's programs, when both of my girls will perform at the same school!

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