Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Glasses

We switched Nora over to the pediatric eye specialist last week. He gave her a new prescription and she got to pick new frames.

She has been eying up these Bratz Girl frames for 3 months! She thinks she really slid one past me because I take a strong stance AGAINST Bratz Girls. But these glasses are fully clothed with nothing inappropriate exposed, and they don't have freakishly large heads, eyes or mouths. And their feet don't snap off to allow skin-tight clothing to go on easier.

The photos do not do these frames justice. They're a shiny plum purple metal with tiny rhinestone accents. They are truly adorable and she was over the moon when I picked her up at school yesterday and brought her to pick them up and have them fitted. She's been all dimples since last night.

Her old frames have really long bows that hang way below her ears, and she was self-conscious about wearing a ponytail because people would see them sticking out and she thought that looked weird. The new purple frames have normal bows that don't peek below her ears. So in addition to slipping the Bratz name past Mom, she can also go back to wearing ponytails whenever she wants. This is important to her.

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