Wednesday, May 12, 2010



I bought new shoes yesterday.

You're asking yourself, right this moment, why I am telling you something so boring.'s why.

I signed up for this race. And no, a 5K does not warrant new shoes.

But then I signed up for this race. And a half marathon totally warrants new shoes.

On Monday I went on a 3 mile run in my 3 year-old shoes, and when I got home, my feet were on fire. Bad sign. So yesterday, while Dana was at school, I went here and spent almost an hour selecting my new shoes. I know that sounds excessive, but it went like this: the nice man on duty (Tony) made me walk around in my socks and hop on one foot while he watched my feet and ankles. Then he put me in a neutral shoe and filmed me running on a treadmill. He analyzed the movement and then switched me to a slightly more supportive shoe. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I worked up kind of a sweat. It was a little embarrassing.

Once we found the right type of shoe, I spent another 15 minutes trying it on in different brands. And we finally agreed that this was the perfect shoe for me, at least for right now. Tony says that knowledge and understanding come with experience, and that I may learn from these shoes. Or something like that.

Anyhoo, I really love this running gig. I always thought I hated running but it turns out I had it all wrong. I just wish it would get above 42 degrees.


eight feet said...

I think that it is so awesome that you are RUNNING! And that you are actually enjoying it! (sorry to shout)

jennifer said...

So have you run in your new shoes yet? Did you notice a difference? Like them?

michael said...

oh I'm so jealous, run run run and enjoy it. I've always been a runner but lately my knees and feet have betrayed me. Now when I go I know I have to deal with a little pain when I get back.

Keep your shoes new, never run on old ones!!!