Thursday, May 20, 2010

Visiting Traveller

Kevin and I drove out to visit the pup on Saturday.

And I have to say-right now, she looks exactly like a guinea pig. Same size, nice and chubby, teeny little legs. I might be in love.

Kevin might be, too. He is really looking forward to having another girl in the house. Actually, maybe he had a picture in his head of a nice, big dog who could hang out in the garage with him.

She is a sweet little girl who gives lots of smoochies. I wasn't prepared for that. But I can get used to it.

Mama is very gentle but also very protective. She's sending a strong message here, just with her eyes. Too bad she's so adorable-it's hard to take her message seriously. Particularly since I will be taking her baby home with me soon. Hmmm....

Oh, man! What can I even say?!

1 comment:

eight feet said...

She is really cute! Can't believe that you'll have another baby in the house soon.