Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mama's Girl

Today the three girls met some friends at Leif Erikson Park for some splashing and a picnic. We were there for close to four hours. Nora, Dana and their friends spent the morning throwing rocks into Lake Superior and wading deep into the water. They had a lot of fun and got really worn out!

Since we need groceries, we didn't have much in the fridge for dinner so I (Alissa) ran to the grocery store this afternoon. Dana is going through a major Mama phase - she doesn't stray far from me and has had meltdowns lately when left with other people, people as lovely as Daddy! She was quite heartbroken to be left home with Daddy and Nora while I ran to town, but I was only grabbing a few things and wanted to get done quickly. I have a painful ear infection and wasn't in the mood to amble through the aisles at a three year old's pace. She was sitting at the top of the stairs crying when I left. When I returned home perhaps forty minutes later, I opened the front door and saw her asleep at the foot of the stairs, with her butt on one step and her head resting on the next. Kevin said she was waiting for me to get home and did not move from that spot the entire time I was gone. Apparently she was exhausted from our day at the lake, and the longing for Mama was too much. I felt so bad! If I had known she felt that strongly about it I would have let her come along. I thought she would get over it in two minutes, but I guess I was wrong.

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eight feet said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and have fun with it! We had a lot of fun at the park today too--can't wait to do it again next week.