Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Roasting Marshmallows

Tonight Kevin built a fire in our fire pit so the girls could roast marshmallows after dinner. They became quite skilled at marshmallow roasting during our camping trip last week, but they still need some help.

Look at Nora's eyes! Her marshmallows are on fire, and she needs Daddy's help to blow them out. This is how Nora likes her marshmallows: slightly burnt on the outside but gooey on the inside.

Nora enjoying her sugary treat.

As you can see, Dana preferred to roast two at a time. Her method is to bounce the marshmallows up and down for a while before completely submerging them in flames. Once they are totally engulfed, the proper thing to do is scream so Daddy can blow out the fire.

Dana licks every last bit of marshmallowy goodness from her fingers.

After eating her fill, Dana thought she would help out by watering Mama's flowers. She takes this job seriously and makes sure that all of the flowers get a big drink.

Uncle Sam and Auntie Liz were both working tonight, so Daddy and Nora went over to let Diogi out. He joined our fun, though he doesn't exactly look thrilled here. He was partaking in his favorite activity of diving into water to retrieve gigantic rocks. In this case, he chose the giant mud hole where the electrical goes into our new garage. We haven't had the final inspection so we can't bury the wires yet, and the hole is full of water from recent storms. Diogi pulled out three rocks the size of his head and deposited them on the lawn before settling for a branch to gnaw on instead.

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The Earl's said...

How do the girls grow so quickly. remember when they were babies in our belly?