Monday, July 28, 2008

Tea Party

We had a long, difficult, unpleasant day. I will spare you the details. Rather than ending the day on such a note, I decided to dig deep to find two ounces of energy. The result? A tea party!

I had to do a lot more digging than that, though. I dug deep into the bathroom closet to find a tablecloth given to me by my mother in law. I dug deep into my kitchen cabinets to find a teapot, creamer and sugar dish given to me by Kevin's Grandma Gloria and teacups, saucers and plates given to me by my Grandma Emma. I brewed a weak pot of tea, liberally sweetened it, dished up leftover chocolate cake from Grandma Inese's birthday party yesterday, and voila-a tea party!

Nora is a huge fan of chocolate in any form. She was a good sport and drank an entire cup of tea before asking for plain milk instead. Long after Dana left the tea party to beat on her drum and dance a little, Nora and I chatted like a couple of old friends catching up. That was exactly what I was going for: three happy girls.

I love how Dana is peeking over the edge of the table here. She looks so sweet! She excused herself immediately after this photo was taken. I guess a tea party for a three year old can't really last more than six minutes.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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Jessica said...

Aww, way to dig deep, Mom! These are the things your kids will remember...