Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun in a Box

Remember how I was saying there is no need to purchase toys for kids? Here is another great example, don't you think?

Nora finally got a booster seat, which she is so thrilled about. She was mortified to be seen climbing out of her "baby seat." When I dropped her off at school a couple of times, she pretended she had been sitting in the middle, BETWEEN the two carseats. So it was definitely time. Anyhow, the box has been a huge hit around here. Three days later, and they are still playing with it. In fact, they are both in it as I write this. The outside has been colored as well. Hurray for creativity!

Here is Dana, modeling her rainbow hat. She selected the yarn herself, though I tried to coach her away from it as it is pretty scratchy. She pretended she thought it was super soft because the idea of a rainbow hat was so appealing. So now it is done, and it turned out pretty cute with a cool pattern and everything, but it is too scratchy. Of course. I have never lined a hat before but I am now going to figure out how to do that so she will wear this.

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eight feet said...

I like how the colors in the hat turned out. If you want to make it warmer, you could pick up the stitches on the brim and knit in the other direction and decrease for the "top". Then, that 2nd piece fits inside the 1st piece for a double layer.