Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

We are having Thanksgiving with Kevin's family tomorrow, at his mom's cousin's house. My job is to bring dessert, so Dana and I spent the day baking pies. We bought a sugar pumpkin, pulled out the seeds and baked it. When it cooled, we scooped it out and made the pumpkin pie filling. I hope it's yummy! Do you like our mess? Nobody ever said making pie crust is a simple task.

Looks sure can be deceiving! The pie on the left is raspberry rhubarb, Kevin's most favorite. The top crust is a lovely butterfly and heart pattern. See, I had trouble with my crust again. I think I know the problem but it pains me to write it out. See, I used Bev's tried and true crust recipe so it should have been flawless. But again, the crust fell apart when I tried to move it into the plate. The new thing I am doing is mixing it with my food processor instead of a pastry blender. So I am guessing that food processor+pie crust=TROUBLE. So sad. It is so much easier than the pastry blender. So rather than throwing out the top crust that had fallen apart, I used cookie cutters and put the little crust cookies on as a top crust. It looks cute and covers up my ineptitude.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy good times and good food!

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