Thursday, November 13, 2008

More creative fun

I feel like I have a thousand things going on this week! It is relaxing to be creative in between the other, not as fun stuff.

These girls-I tell ya! Nora has been just bursting with fun ideas. She colored a piece of paper, cut out a table top, set it on top of some cups, used upturned bowls as seats, and voila! Dora's mom, Home Simpson, Velma from Scooby Doo and a fairy sat down for a meal! Two days later, this is still in use. With the holidays coming, this is an excellent reminder to me that purchasing toys is totally unnecessary. Clearly what we need is a better selection of craft supplies.

My reluctant model. I have (had) seven knitting projects in line. Ack! How did that happen??? Last night, I was invited to knit with a girl Kevin used to work with and her knitting group. I finished this entire hat! It is a chemo cap for a woman who works with my father in law. It is so soft, cozy and wonderful! I have never met her, but am told she is a tee-shirt and jeans kind of girl and that a simple, dark colored cap would be best. I hope she likes this! I had a great time making it. I had some money left over from my birthday and I used it to buy a size 9, 16" circular Addi Turbo needle and let me just say-WOW! It is such a difference! I knit really, really tight and my stitches always get hung up on the joints of my bamboo circulars. Not with my Addi Turbo! I think I am in love. In fact, my next project is a hat for Dana and I dispo'd my original pattern to find one that calls for size 9 needles rather than size 6. I am knitting with my usual group tonight and am super excited to make lots of progress on Dana's hat. When I am done, I need to do a quick baby hat and then get back to my holiday gift knitting. Lately, the more I knit the more I love it.

Stay warm and dry!

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