Saturday, November 29, 2008


I feel like I have the opportunity to take more photos of Dana since she is home all day and Nora is at school all day. I managed to get a couple of really cute photos of Nora this weekend so here they are.

Oh, how I love this! Nora has been really into cleaning the last few months. My lovely Virgo daughter. For a while she loved to dust, and would go around with a dust cloth every day after school. Lately, she has been toting around a bottle of spray cleaner and a paper towel looking for messes to take care of. Don't worry-we use all natural cleaning products so she is safe while she spiffs up the house.

So Nora made a paper version of herself at school this fall. She recently brought it home and has been having a lot of fun with "herself" ever since. Here, the two Noras enjoy lunch.

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