Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dana Turns 5

Dana turned 5 on March 26!

This lucky kid got to celebrate 4 times in one week!

Kevin had to be out of town March 25-27, so we started the festivities off on Wednesday night, March 24.

We had cake, which I bought.

Then she opened her gift from us: a puppet stage. Here she is putting on a little show. Do you see the tiny couch and armchair? She made her own audience using the finger puppets that Nora gave her.

On Friday, Dana's actual birthday, we went to pick Nora up from school so we could get right to the partying. Dana dressed herself. Please note the plastic saw and the blue vampire teeth on the floor near her feet. Also note the fairy wings. Dana really loves Nora's principal, so she ran into her office to tell her it was her birthday. The principal sang "Happy Birthday" to her and held out a basket of Tootsie Rolls so she could choose one. Dana chose six of them, which the principal thought was really funny. Then she gave Dana a Happy Birthday pencil. She took a good look at Dana and began to comment on her ensemble. It went a little like this:
Principal: "Wow-look at those beautiful wings! Are you a fairy or a butterfly?"
Dana: "Those wings are just pretend. I'm just a kid."
Principal: "And look at those teeth! Are you a vampire?"
Dana: "These aren't my real teeth. They're just pretend."
Principal: "Is that a saw you're carrying?"
Dana: "It's not a real saw. It's just pretend."

The principal and I were cracking up at her. It was pretty sweet that she felt she had to clarify that everything was pretend.

Party #2 was at Great Grandma's house. Here, Dana is waiting for Grandpa to open the garage and reveal her birthday gift...

...a big girl bike! She was over the moon! We love to ride bikes, and with the 12" wheels on her old bike, it took an entire lifetime to ride the 1.5 miles around the block. This is going to change our lives!

Of course, we went inside for cake and ice cream. And then Grandma and Grandpa took us out for dinner.

Even the rain all weekend couldn't stop Dana from breaking in her new wheels.

I don't know what to call this invention, other than "awesome". It's sort of like a vacuum that doesn't actually pick up dirt. Hmmmm.....

Here's the cake for birthday #3. Dana invited her cousins and our close family friends to celebrate with her. She selected this cake, which is the same cake I made for Nora's first birthday. While not my best work, it was still pretty cute.

At least, it was cute, until we put the candles in. Then it looked "fweaky."

A bit of sisterly affection while waiting for friends to arrive.

Finally, party #4. Grandma and Grandpa got her a stroller and a high chair for her Bitty Baby, Dizzy. These have seen a ton of use by both girls already.

Phew! Birthday Week was a crazy time around here!

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