Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kindergarten Round Up

Way, way back on March 17, Dana had Kindergarten Round Up.

While I brought the camera, we were so busy that I only got to take two photos, both on the little bus ride.

Each child at kindergarten round up was allowed to choose a book and a stuffed animal to take home. This is Dana holding her new monkey, who she named Baby Ooh Ooh Aah Aah.

Here, Dana and Baby Ooh Ooh Aah Aah are enjoying the bus ride. It took way longer to load everyone onto the bus than it did to take the actual ride. In fact, the ride just took us out one end of the driveway, around the front of school, and in the other end of the driveway. Really, though, with a little school out in the sticks, it would have taken way too long to go around the block. "The block" is probably a 5-mile loop.

The school mascot, the lynx, was posing for photos with the kids. Unfortunately, Dana didn't realize that the lynx was really just a fifth grader in a costume. She was scared to get near him and chose to have a close-up photo of me and her instead. As I was looking through photos tonight, I found this one. Dana actually took a photo of our photo. I really love that!

There are two kindergartens at our school, and we don't know which one she will be assigned to. One teacher has an awesome puppet stage and a great dollhouse, and the other teacher has a pet guinea pig. These are the main topics of kindergarten conversation for her.

Nora came home from school that day with this on her face. Her teacher painted it on her for St. Patrick's Day.

It's hard to believe my baby will be starting school in the fall! Nora's so excited to show Dana the ropes.

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