Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Water Park

Earlier this week, our favorite cousins, Jan and Ross, surprised us with a room at the water park. And even though it's just a few miles from our house, it felt like we were on vacation!

First, we had to check out the deck.

It was warm out, and we got to watch two ships pass by as we sat on the deck.

The girls are ready to go in the pool!

Here, the girls enjoy the vortex pool, which they have lovingly coined "the toilet". The water in this pool churns around and around, pulling you with it. It's pretty fun, despite reminding us of a toilet.

This was a favorite. Both girls love monkey bars, so imagine how thrilled they were with over-water monkey bars!

This photo was taken exactly one second too soon. Do you see all that water in the background? There's a 300-gallon bucket that dumps every few minutes. It just dumped, and Nora is about to get completely soaked. And she knows it.

And here's Nora enjoying the lazy river. We spent a lot of time on this.

Both girls enjoyed the water slide, too, but there was no way to get photos of that.

As we were packing to come home, the girls were discussing how they would like to just move to the water park. They were completely worn out from all the fun, and are already trying to plan our next visit.

Thank you so very much for the great fun, Jan and Ross!

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