Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

I have bad news.

There was no Easter wrestling.

I know you were so looking forward to wrestling photos, too. Maybe twelve non-wrestling photos will help cheer you up.

Starting with these lovely tulips!

The favorite holiday by far at our house is Easter. The joys of hunting for eggs and baskets, coloring eggs, eating eggs, eating candy-they make the holiday a winner.

The Easter Bunny hid 37 eggs this year. Fifteen were outside! Those ones were especially fun to find, considering it was raining. The dampness didn't slow anybody down, that's for sure.

That face-I just want to plant a big smoochie on it!

Heaven help me-this face, too!

Don't let this photo fool you-in addition to books, crayons (the 64-pack with the built in sharpener!), markers, Easter jammies, glittery bouncy balls and tiny terra cotta pots with flower seeds, there was plenty of candy in the baskets.

And the baskets were clearly marked for each girl.

Told ya there was candy. Is it OK to eat chocolate before breakfast?

The girls spent a long time re-hiding eggs for each other to find. And then they moved on to dying real eggs!

I love those colorful little Nora fingers juxtaposed against the white egg shell.

And I love how some yellow dye rubbed off of Dana's fingers onto her egg.

Pretty orange egg.

Eventually, we ate dinner with our family. And then we had delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert. And we all went to bed early, since some of us were up at 6am.

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