Sunday, October 5, 2008

Abby and Shirt

I got crafty for Josie's second birthday. She is obsessed with Sesame Street, so I told Charity to pick up a cake pan and I would bake her birthday cake. She got this Abby Cadabby pan and Abby cupcake liners and I baked them up!

I have to say I am not that great at baking character cakes. Well, the baking is OK, but the decorating. It is really hard to recreate something specific in buttercream. Abby looks like she had an industrial accident; her mouth is kind of weird and she looks like she has caterpillars crawling on her eyes. It is lucky two year olds are so forgiving!

I kept it simple with the cupcakes, making swirl tops in three coordinating colors. Vivid!

The women I knit with are really creative and inspiring. One night, they were all talking about the freezer paper stencils they had made and the cute shirts that resulted. I finally tried it, making this shirt for Josie. It was really fun to make! I was going for a dachshund, since Josie's dog Oliver is a dachsie, but I couldn't find the exact-o knife so I had to use scissors, which meant no details. So the doggie looks sort of like a seal, since I couldn't make an ear. I love the metallic paint though. Very cute. To spice things up, I sewed 3/8" ribbon along the bottom hem. It has polka dots in pink, turquoise, and other coordinating colors. Hopefully the whole works will hold up in the laundry. I can hardly wait to make these with Nora and Dana-they are so easy that the girls can paint their own, no problem.


eight feet said...

The shirt turned out awesome, Alissa! Be careful, you may find freezer paper stenciling addicting. Before you know it, you will be planning designs in your sleep and painting everything. By the way, we are glad to have you as a part of our knitting nights.

lewister said...

Don't be so hard on yourself with the cake. Those character cakes are tough to do. I tend to start having trouble just getting it all out of the pan in one piece. Love the cupcake swirls!