Friday, October 3, 2008

Josephine's Mikveh

Today Dana and I attended Josie's mikveh. Since her mother is not Jewish, Josie had to be converted. Her dad, who IS Jewish, took her into the lake and completely submerged her three times. Last night was our first frost, and it is October, so we all expected screaming. Josie was quite surprised, but she did not cry. We were all very proud of her.

Sam immersing Josie. You can't tell from this distance, but the look on Josie's face is priceless: great big surprised eyes.

Dana thought going swimming was a great idea and wanted to go into the cold, cold water, too. She settled for throwing two rocks in and hanging out by this fence.

Rabbi Amy talks to Josie as Charity gets her dressed again!

The whole ceremony was pretty fast and very exciting. We were happy we were able to be there today.

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