Monday, October 27, 2008

Some October Photos

It seems I am getting sort of random lately. I have three unrelated photos here. I suppose that is life, right?

Ooh I love this one, with little feet poking out! I finished Dana's legwarmers last night and I think they are super cute! The yarn is so soft! Hoping these make winter more bearable for my little dress lover.

We went to the Lester Park School carnival last weekend. The girls had so much fun having their faces painted, their favorite carnival activity. Nora requested a witch face and Dana got a butterfly painted on her.

I just love this photo! I have a photo of me, Alyx and Sam on our dad's back when we were little and this reminds me of it. We loved horsie back rides and clearly Nora and Dana do, too. It would have been cute to add that vintage photo of my childhood here but I can't locate it at this moment. Bummer!


Alevin and Company said...

I need to add here that Nora had been eating frozen blueberries when I took the horsie back photo. That is why she looks sort of strange.

eight feet said...

Alissa, the legwarmers look awesome!