Monday, October 13, 2008

Apples Everywhere

Sunday was Grandpa Jerry's birthday, so we headed out to spend the day in Esko. Jerry and I peeled about 14,000 apples. We used them to make apple pie filling and applesauce, which we canned. I had never canned anything before and I have to say, it was pretty fun.

Here we are in our apple assembly line. Jerry peeled the apples with this cool apple peeling machine, and I cored and sliced them. I love how you can see the fall colors through the patio door.

Here is the completed pie filling. It smelled heavenly as we canned it. I can hardly wait to try it!

Applesauce as far as the eye can see. Actually, we only made two batches, which is 18 jars. Then again, 18 jars is a lot of applesauce. It tastes amazing-so fresh!

Nora is VIP at school this week, and she needed a family photo for her VIP poster. We took about ten photos and this is the best of the batch.

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