Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I mentioned in a previous post that we were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Kevin's mom's cousin and her husband. Here are a couple of photos from our day.

The Acker girls take any opportunity to wear party dresses, and Thanksgiving was no exception. Last time Nora wore this dress it was August and she roasted. It was much more appropriate in November. Here, the girls are winding down after a long afternoon of playing, eating and enjoying some family fun.

Cousin Jan was ready for the girls. She took two purses, filled them with goodies and gave one to each girl. She also filled her jewelry box with retired costume jewels and let the girls play with them. Here Dana poses with her beloved puppy and a gorgeous necklace from the treasure chest. I particularly like her sunglasses.

Jan and Ross have a big living room with tall ceilings and a gorgeous fireplace. Nora loves to sit by fires, so here she is posing for me.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with delicious food and good conversation. Jan and Ross brew their own beer so I sampled the most amazing amber beer, which was also fun!

The Holtes celebrated Thanksgiving and Kevin R.'s birthday on Sunday, but I don't have any photos. We also had wonderful food and we topped the afternoon off with some Trivial Pursuit. Fun times!

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