Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Half Birthday, Nora!

We don't actually celebrate half birthdays around here. At least, we didn't. I'm not even sure the girls knew what a half birthday was until Nora started school. Apparently, the school principal passes out small gifts on your birthday (I think a pencil and a Tootsie Roll). If your birthday is in the summer, you win on your half birthday instead. Well, yesterday was Nora's half birthday. Sort of. Nora's birthday is August 29, which means her half birthday is February 29, which only happens on Leap Year. On non-Leap Years, March 1 is her half day. And since we had Sunday dinner next door yesterday and I had to bring something to contribute, I figured a nice half birthday cake would do just fine. I will admit that I had been craving chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for a few days.

I haven't used my Tupperware cake tote for a long time. It is very handy to have! I own about 100 cake pans in various shapes and sizes. While searching for my 9" rounds, I came across the heart pans. Rather than searching all day and making a ginormous mess, I decided half birthdays deserve heart cakes. Wasn't that convenient? In my defense, Nora does love hearts, and I had forgotten I had these pans. That is how many I have.

I made a little mistake in my head though. I whipped up a batch of French Silk Frosting from my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook because I think it is delicious. Unfortunately, you can't exactly decorate with it. It is too soft to pipe. Nora was disappointed, but she soon cheered up when she realized she could throw some plastic Easter eggs on top. Isn't is lovely? I think it is pretty cool that she came up with a plan on her own.

Despite the fact that we don't really celebrate half birthdays, Nora found a new nightie on her bed after she hopped out of the tub. I had gone to Target with my mom earlier in the day and I grabbed this while I was there. See, Dana and I were at Target on Thursday and we bought this nightie for her. She didn't have a single nightie and Nora has a few, which caused much angst at bedtime. In fact, Dana would often sleep in a dress and call it a nightie. Anyhow, when Nora saw Dana's nightie she was oh so green with envy. We thought the Easter Bunny might bring her one, but her mom came through instead. The look on that little girl's face when she saw her very own chick nightie was worth way more than $14.99.

Doesn't she look so grown up? She's officially 6 1/2 now! And DYING to have a loose tooth. I love her tiny baby teeth and hope she keeps them for a while yet. Time seems to be flying by so fast lately! Then again, I have two living, breathing time markers walking around my house in green chick nighties. I am so lucky!

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