Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor Nora :(

There has been quite the lack of posting on Alevin and Company this week.

This is because of the icky germs living in our house.

Dana started sneezing on Thursday (last week). I thought it was allergies or something. Friday morning, I started sneezing, and by Friday night Dana and I were a sad lot. Saturday I was pretty much useless because my head hurt so terribly bad. I felt very sorry for myself, even though Kevin was very kind and let me sleep as much as I wanted. And then he got sick on Sunday. Which was all OK, because the three of us each spent one day feeling awful and one more day feeling half okay, and then we were well. And then came Monday.

Nora tried to tell us she had a headache. Unfortunately, it was about 3:30am and we were trying to recover from our own sickness, so we didn't really get it. Too tired. When I wrastled her out of bed to get ready for school at 8:00, she told me about the headache. And I knew it was her turn because my own head had hurt so badly, and besides-what 6 year-old has ever once complained of a headache before? She spent some time on the couch with her eyes closed and the lights off. She tried to watch a movie but the light and the noise were too much. She just sprawled herself on the couch, covered herself with a warm blankie and moaned. It was very sad.

People, she was like this for three days! I kept the Tylenol in her system and that helped a lot, but she got her teeny butt kicked by this bug. Her temp hovered around 101 as a variety of symptoms worked their way through her body.

Does this not make your heart ache?

I was kind enough to pick up her spelling list and her reading book from school on Tuesday morning, and her teacher said six kids were absent. On Wednesday, she said three were absent and she sent three more home throughout the day. Today Nora felt well enough to go to school, but (hold your breath for emphasis) NINE kids were out sick! Teacher said they have spent a lot of time washing desktops and hands, trying to get this bad boy out of the school. I am just glad it is out of my house at last. Nora has a froggy voice and is tired, but other than that she is healthy again. What a relief!

And now I need to apologize to anyone we came in contact with in the last week, when we didn't really know what this was all about. I sincerely hope we did not contaminate any of your households. Had I known this was such an ugly bug making its way through our township, I would have quarantined us. Next time someone sneezes, I will not be so quick to label it "allergies." Believe you me!

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