Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things Heard Around Our House

Sometimes kids say funny things and you want to share that with people. So here are some things that have been said in our house in the past week:

Daddy: Nora, how was school today?
Nora: Why do you ask?
Daddy: I'm just curious.
Nora: Don't be a curious monkey!

Dana: Can we go to the seahorse place? (She means the Great Lakes Aquarium.)
Daddy (as he drives past the GLA): They aren't open right now, Dana.
Dana: Well, me and my monkey will see about that!

The girls asked Great Grandma Gloria if they could take this snowman home. Grandma Bev knit it years ago. We sent it on a trip through the washing machine after he got a little dirty on the car ride home.

Dana (upon seeing the snowman after it was washed): Oh, no! What happened to his mouth?
Daddy: It washed off in the washing machine. Don't worry-Mama can sew on a new one.
Dana (with a look of complete scorn on her face): But Dad, she can't because the snowman isn't made out of sew!

As you can see, the problem was remedied with a red marker.

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