Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playing in the Snow

Spring is almost here! It has been warm out, and the snow has been melting and melting. As it melts, it is finally sticky enough to make things out of. Which is fun!

On Monday, Dana and I went outside to play. While we were working on a snow caterpillar, I had the great idea to mix up some food coloring in spray bottles so our creation wouldn't be so bland.

I know-the purple and green don't even really show up. And Dana was decidedly unimpressed with the whole thing. She thought it was more fun to fill up her little watering can with water from the hose spigot and dump it on the caterpillar, watching him melt before her very eyes. Which truly was sort of fun.

I particularly loved this Monday afternoon activity. It was 57 degrees in the shade, which is plenty warm to be out on the swings in your unders. I am just glad she put her snow boots on. I know some people are shaking their heads at my parenting skills right now, but let me just say this: I knew she would come in for her pants as soon as she got too cold. And she did. Isn't that called a logical consequence or something like that?

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