Friday, September 25, 2009

Show and Tell

Nora has show and tell every Wednesday.

Guess what she decided to bring this week! Do it: guess.

That's right-she brought Dana!

I can't tell you how incredible I think this is. Nora had the idea and sorted it all out with her teacher before talking to me.

It went really well. Nora stood in front of her class and said some things about Dana into the microphone. Then kids raised their hands to ask questions and Nora called on them. Their questions were sweet and funny: "Does she want to do everything you do, like my little brother does?" and "Do you share a bedroom?"

The highlight was when Dana took the microphone and, in her most confident voice, nice and loud, shouted, "BUTTCRACK STAR!"

It is the one and only time I have been relieved that her speech is not always crisp. Nora and I were the only ones who knew what she had said.

Dana loved it, and was especially thrilled when the whole class applauded and thanked her for coming.

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