Saturday, September 26, 2009

Very Puzzling

I used to like working on puzzles with the girls. Used to until yesterday, anyway.

Check out what Dana did while I was making lunch yesterday:

She dumped nine puzzles onto the floor and mixed them all together joyously.

She actually blamed it on those dolls you see sitting against the couch. She scolded them many times as we cleaned it all up.

I know it doesn't look like it, but there are 600 puzzle pieces on the floor there: four 25-piece puzzles and five 100-piece puzzles. And two of the 100-piece puzzles have very similar images and sorting them out was the opposite of fun.

We spent about 3 hours putting all of the puzzles together to ensure we had the right pieces in the right containers. Nora got home from school a bit after 3pm and helped with the last two puzzles, the ones that look so similar. Thank goodness for that, or we'd still be working on sorting them out. It is amazing how similar pandas and puppies look when you see them in jigsaw form.

I asked Dana if she learned any lessons from this experience, and she told me she must keep a closer eye on her dolls.

And really, that is the lesson, isn't it?

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