Monday, September 7, 2009

Who needs training wheels? Not us!

Dana is always trying to keep up with her big sister, and yesterday she proved she really can!

Kevin talked Nora into learning to ride her bike without the training wheels. She felt she would do better on Dana's bike, since it is so much shorter and, thus, closer to the ground.

Not to be outdone, Dana hopped on and took off, too!

Nora's still working on mastering this on her own bike. It's taller and heavier, so it's a bit different. She's also working on mastering walking on stilts that Kevin built her.


michael said...

Noam was soooo impressed. Now he wants to see Nora when we come for Christmas . . . if we come.

Alevin and Company said...

Well we sure hope you can come! They watched the video of Noam at the sea and thought he was so cute!