Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold Day

Inside Fun!

Yesterday was a snow day. We had a weekend blizzard that dumped around a foot of snow, give or take, and brought horrifying windchills with it. It would have been logical of me to document our day yesterday, but to be honest, we didn't do anything special. It was much too cold to play outside in the fresh snow. I spent the day knitting on my homemade Christmas gifts while the girls played various made up games together.

This morning, we woke up and it was 26 degrees below zero! Holy dangerous! They didn't cancel schools because it is supposed to be more reasonable by lunchtime. Nice reasoning. Kevin had to jump start his car to go work on his thesis this morning, and it was parked in the garage. I don't think it is worth risking life and limb for a day of first grade, so I kept Nora home. Maybe I am paranoid, but it is dangerously cold out and I am not comfortable with her being out there riding around with her bus driver, with me or with anyone else.

SO on that note, it is 9:14 and we have spent the day thus far having fun. A couple of years ago, my mom bought a gigantic bag of party blowers at a garage sale. They were brand new and in the wrappers, I swear. So I hauled it out and the girls piled themselves and the blowers into the sled in the living room. Fun, noisy and far from normal. They loved it.

Later on the agenda we will practice Dolch words and another word list provided by the first grade teacher. We plan to bake some cookies and I have some math ideas. We aren't going to watch movies and eat popcorn all day. Stay warm folks!

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eight feet said...

We only woke up to -18 today (warmer on the hill?) Good luck with the no movie thing! Owen and I will try and stay out of the cookie dough.