Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So Nora went next door to play with her cousin. When Dana said, "Mom, where are Daddy and Nora?" I knew what she really meant was, "Why am I home when everyone else is somewhere having fun?" I need to point out here that Kevin is not actually out having fun but is at a meeting. I thought a good distraction would be a cookie making fest, and I was not wrong.

Dana loves to add ingredients, particularly sticky brown sugar.

After putting a good dollop of peanut butter into the cookie dough, Dana had to sample some for herself. I believe her comment was something like, "Mom, I wheelie love peanut buttah." I myself wheelie love how kids ask a question cloaked as a request. Then again, she got her peanut buttah didn't she?

There is nothing that screams "CHRISTMAS!" to me as much as a pile of red, green and silver foil wrappers. Dana did an excellent job of peeling the chocolate kisses to put on the cookies. To the untrained eye, it would appear that she is perched rather precariously on the counter. Those in the know, however, realize that Dana is a trained circus monkey and would be just fine standing on the tip of one toe on top of the counter while peeling the chocolates. I know "unwrapping" is the correct term here, but I like to think that Christmas foil chocolate is a naturally occurring substance that, much like a banana, requires unpeeling.

Some of us got kind of wet while washing our hands and had to take our shirts off.

I am not sure how to feel about the look on this girl's face. She told me she does not like this kind of cookie. Funny-last year she ate about 14 in a row. I can't decide if my feelings are hurt that she has looked at my most favorite cookie in the world with such disdain, or if I am glad because it is less junk for her and more of my most favorite cookies for me.

At any rate, we are off to find a dry shirt so we can go retrieve Nora from the neighbors' house.

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