Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dana and I spent the morning making Oreos!
I know what you're thinking: Why, oh why, would somebody go through the trouble of making homebaked Oreos when it is so easy to buy a package at any grocery store or gas station for like $3.00? Well let me introduce myself: My name is Alissa and I like to find complicated ways to do simple things. Plus I like to bake. Plus Dana and I like to do projects together. Plus I am scared of Oreos because I know a kid who is allergic to every kind of food imaginable but he can eat Oreos because they are so incredibly far from actual food. That is nasty.

Here is Dana showing her tasty treat. With Dana's head as a point of reference, you can see that my homemade version of Oreos is a lot bigger than the packaged kind. That is OK with me. I think mine are easier to dunk into milk without dunking your thumb by accident.

Dana thought the filling was pretty nice. When I took this photo, I had a thought: I bet I have at least one photo like this from every month of the year. I should put them together to make a beater licking calendar! And then reality returned: Would anyone besides me get a kick out of that calendar? Unlikely.

Now do you see why I thought this was such a good idea? Don't those cookie towers look tasty? And they truly were very easy. Dana is awesome at rolling cookie dough into balls, and she had fun smashing them down, too. And the filling was so easy! I made it in the mixer, and then I put it in a pastry bag with my giant star tip that I use to do swirly frosting on cupcakes. I squeezed a healthy star on one cookie, topped with another cookie, and squeezed until the filling reached the edges. Easy, fast and oh so yummy. And I know what all of the ingredients are and am good with my kids eating them. Yummy!

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eight feet said...

Another favorite around here. I tried to make Oreos a few years ago, but they didn't taste quite right. Are you willing to share your recipe?