Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes

It's almost midnight and I just finished baking 2 dozen cupcakes and I am exhausted and I want to go to bed. However, I think the cupcakes came out kind of pretty so I wanted to post photos now. Otherwise I will lay in bed thinking about it.

Tomorrow is the staff/teacher appreciation luncheon at Nora's school, and I agreed to organize the desserts. It was incredibly complicated: The PTA president emailed me the names of moms who had offered to help, and I emailed them. They all agreed to have a dessert at the school in time for the luncheon tomorrow. Whew! That was hard labor!

Anyhow, I thought about making something decadent and fancy and wonderful, but the thing is, I love making cupcakes. And I am sort of over actually eating them. I just like to decorate them. And I am kind of repetitive about how I decorate them, so it is nice to have a new audience that does not realize my design is old news.

I wanted to do something festive but not in-your-face, so I baked orange chocolate cupcakes in silver liners, and then I piped on pale blue vanilla buttercream and topped it with silver cake sparkles. Pretty!

The only thing: This is the only platter we own. I swear. One and only. I normally haul 2 dozen cupcakes around on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil, which would have fit the color theme, but I am not willing to separate from a cookie sheet over the weekend before Christmas when there is another snowstorm scheduled. No thank you! I need that tool! So once I got the lovely blue and silver cupcakes onto the pink heart platter, I realized it looks kind of like a baby shower. But you know what? It is 11:55pm and I just don't care. I think it is pretty and I don't care if it looks like a baby shower to some people (like me).

Just in case you didn't get a close enough view of the sparkles. I hope that the frosting doesn't get all smooshed by the plastic wrap I used to cover them. That would bum me out.

On another note, today was Nora's holiday program. I should post photos of that, but, you see, I attended both performances (I know-don't say it) and between me and Kevin, we took over 300 photos (again-don't say it). I need to sort through them and that will take more than five minutes. I am going to point out here that Kevin put the camera on that really high speed mode that one uses to photograph sporting events and such, so at least 200 of the photos are chunks of consecutive photos. I don't know how to use that setting because I am too lazy to read the camera manual. If I did, we would have had 500 photos. Scary! Will post cute program photos tomorrow after I drop off the lovely cupcakes. Good night!

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