Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Sweet Nora

Who ever said Nora was a morning person? NOT ME!

This cracks me up. Nora can come up with the grumpiest expressions and it makes her so mad because she looks so cute with the grump faces that Daddy and I can't help but smile and take her picture. And I know that if I were the grump and someone smiled and took a picture of MY grump face I would be livid. But I can't help it. I really can't.

So for her whole life that I can remember, Nora has been a dress girl. She hates tights, but she would only wear dresses since the day she could communicate her preference. If I suggested pants on a particularly cold day, I would get an eye roll. Not a chance! This year is so different! The girl will only wear jeans and a ponytail. Every single day. I swear. I am looking forward to her holiday program so that she will wear something other than jeans and a ponytail to school. This child has a wardrobe that would make most grown women drool. She can hardly close her dresser drawers, and they are filled with lovely clothes that cost more than my own clothes, mostly courtesy of her lovely grandmother. Yet if they aren't jeans, she isn't interested.

I tell you this because the photo I took this morning is of Nora being irate with me because her ponytail is too high and her lame-o mom refused to redo it since the bus was coming in less than five minutes and breakfast was only half eaten and winter wear was still hanging by the door waiting to be put on. She was worried she looked like a baby. Oh, the peer pressure! I can hardly wait until junior high!

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