Monday, January 26, 2009

Dana Working Out

Ever wonder how Dana keeps her girlish figure? Mystery solved!

A couple weeks ago, Dana put on her bikini (inside out, of course), put in an exercise DVD and got to work. She managed to follow along for about ten minutes before she started dancing and doing her own thing. It was all pretty humorous and very sweet.


eight feet said...

Cute! I can't believe that Dana didn't even seem to notice that you were videotaping.

The Earl's said...

That is hilarious! Funniest home video material? I want to see the rest! Submit it!! Share the prize with me.

Lizzie said...

Dana rules! I wish I could say that I've popped in a workout video in the pas two weeks - cancelled my gym membership with the idea I'd work out at home, that's a slippery slope!

Alevin and Company said...

So Lizzie, why don't you come over and work out WITH Dana? She would be over the moon if that happened. Because I won't. That video is HARD. Ten minutes leaves me unable to walk for days. It's that Buns of Steel woman.

Erica, is funniest home videos still on? There is a great clip in which Dana spends almost a minute struggling to do one sit-up. When she finally manages to make it to the top, she says something like, "Ow, Mama! That hurts!" Priceless.